Blueprint - getting middle schoolers to continue in PLTW Engineering!


Blueprint - getting middle schoolers to continue in PLTW Engineering!

BCEA is making more of an effort this year to connect middle school and high school programs. Our first middle school recruitment event was a success! "Blueprint" was held at Western High on Wednesday December 4th from 1-3pm. Three middle schools (75 students) came for hands-on projects, a chat and chew with high school students and Engineers, and displays from the 6 Baltimore City PLTW Engineering High schools. We had a guest speaker - Archi Marrapu - a 7th grader from Northern Virginia that designs AI prosthetics! Many thanks to our sponsors IEEE, WRA, and JMT and volunteers from Northrop Grumman, Dewberry, UMD, SWE and CityScape Engineering.


6th Annual Engineering Design and

Development Symposium

over 100 students with 30+ ideas and innovations presented at the 6th 

Annual EDD Symposium and Johns Hopkins University. Check out the video from BCPSS's Channel 77!


Innovation Showcase at Morgan State University

This year we held a more formal event at Morgan State University in the CBEIS building. 1 team from each school presented their project to Professors, parents and Industry partners. 


MDQI Engineering Careers Event

For the third year in a row, BCEA worked with SHA and DFI Engineering, to have the MDQI Transportation and Civil Engineering career fair at the War Memorial downtown. 

Past News

5/19/2017 - Channel 77

"The Engineering Design and Development Symposium"

Watch the Baltimore City Public Schools video of our 4th Annual EDD Sympsoium here.

5/18/2017 - MDOT SHA Facebook

"MDOT SHA participated in MdQI's Construction & Engineering Day with students from six high schools..."

Read a press release about Engineering and Construction Career Day from the Maryland State Highway Administration here, and see photos from the event here!

5/17/2017 - Baltimore

"5 projects engineered by Baltimore high schoolers"

Brief write-up of our 4th Annual EDD Symposium and particular focus on the five teams honored during the evening's Innovation Showcase - check it out here.

5/5/2015 - Channel 77

"PLTW - Engineering"

Watch the Baltimore City Public Schools video of our 2nd Annual EDD Sympsoium here.